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AI in primary care - Untangling the buzzwords

Can AI revolutionise primary care today and improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers? 

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AI webinar feature

Artificial Intelligence can be enticing and mystical to some, futuristic and almighty to others, and threatening and extravagant to another lot. The AI application the healthcare of here and now seems ready for, is diagnostic tools. Diagnostic AI tools are currently very popular and are most commonly seen in the form of triage chatting solutions. But how are these solutions built and what challenges can they uptake?

In this webinar, Anastacia Simonchik and Andreas Larsson break down AI in primary care:

  • What is AI and how can it apply to healthcare?
  • What issues can AI support primary healthcare providers with?
  • How have other industries leveraged AI and what can healthcare learn from them?
  • What is data-driven healthcare and how does it apply to AI?
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