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8 examples of how digital technology can support healthcare during the pandemic

In this guide, we highlight how some of our customers in different areas of healthcare have adapted their working methods and transform patient pathways to provide accessible and safe care with the help of Visiba Care. Hopefully, these examples can also inspire others to discover new opportunities that facilitate work in this difficult time.

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Amidst a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare is once again entering a phase of even greater pressure and several healthcare providers have gone into fight mode. Meanwhile, the overall health state of the population is dropping dramatically as other conditions besides COVID-19 remain untreated. In order for the population to get treatment in good time and in a safe manner, healthcare resources need to be used as efficiently as possible and all patient meetings that can be taken digitally should be taken digitally.

In this guide, we highlight some exemplary use cases from our customers, who have used Visiba Care to cope with the increased pressure and transform their patient pathways during the pandemic

Access our guide to read examples on: 

  • ICU care – with the patient in focus
  • New conditions for integrated care
  • Booking of physical visits – samples and vaccination
  • Asynchronous messages and automated history collection for non-urgent primary care cases
  • Asynchronous messages in specialist care ­– increased patient security and care efficiency
  • Digital channels for mental health treatment
  • Rehabilitation in the impact of COVID-19
  • A flexible workplace enables the full capacity of all available resources
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